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Amethyst BioMat • Accelerate and Deepen your Healing

What is the Amethyst BioMat?

A tri-synergy device (negative ions, far infrared and amethyst crystals) that penetrates deep into the body to stimulate healing. It supports immunity, reduces inflammation, increases blood flow and tissue oxygenation and promotes relaxation and a restful sleep. And so much more. The orange button will take you to that information!

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Cellular Alchemy

Optimal Health at a Molecular Level


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REDOX ==> RE DOX ==> Reduction • Oxidation

a process in which one substance or molecule is reduced and another oxidized;

oxidation and reduction considered together as complimentary processes

To help you understand a bit more, watch the videos above. 

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Living with Grace 

A Story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart


A story of love, trauma, forgiveness, grief and letting go, culminating with the Journey to Grace.

You will discover grace and yourself at your deepest core.

I Need More Grace in My Life!

Meet Marita Rahlenbeck, your Guide and Mentor on the Quintessential and Wholeness Path 

Marita Rahlenbeck, CEO of Harmonic Wholeness, Soul Mentor and Self Empowerment Coach helps women move from Quietly Unhappy to Bold, Confident and Courageous on their way to embody the Quintessential Woman they really are — they just need to uncover her. She is the author of Living with Grace ~ A Story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart.

As an advocate of living a holistic, clean lifestyle, she loves to teach on these topics and relies on Young Living Essential Oils to elevate her life for optimal mind, body and soul health! With 20+ years experience and education in the aromatherapy field, she is frequently the go-to woman for help in this and other health/wellness concerns.

Marita also loves to cultivate an appreciation for the Sacred in everyday experiences — experiences we sometimes take for granted and maybe even complain about — and elevates them to what she calls Sacred Mundanity. This spills over into her work with individuals and groups alike.

Marita is a wise and intuitive teacher and healer. She has many tools in her tool belt to assist her clients. She teaches hands on, do-it-yourself with guidance kind of things. High consciousness, enlightening, delightful, and simple. She knows the art of questioning and inquiry. Her curiosity, good humor, and gentleness are wonderful. She is joy-filled. Make an appointment! Marita will change your life! 

Jeana Watts