The art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

I proudly showcase Young Living Essential Oils.

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Nourishment | Food

 Nourish Your Way Home ~ A delicious journey toward God and food 

An online learning experience created to build a bridge from the kitchen to the altar, revealing the connection between food and God/Spirit.

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Amethyst BioMat

Looking for a way to give yourself some love and TLC? Reduce the amount of stress you hold in your body?

The Amethyst BioMat is extremely relaxing; the heat penetrates deep (6-9") into your muscle tissue relieving stress easily and effortlessly - all you need to do is experience it.

Using the BioMat in conjunction with prayer, intention and meditation, you open yourself up to mystical experiences!

The Amethyst BioMat is a tri-synergy device: Far Infrared (FIR), Negative Ions, and Amethyst Crystals. The BioMat Professional is registered an FDA Class II Medical Device.

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Beyond Organic Terrain - Fermented Herbs

Need help with digestion? Improved gut health? Looking for an easy way to give your body probiotics?

As a huge proponent of drinking sour, I prefer the Beyond Organic Terrain. With this line of fermented herbs, you can target numerous areas to achieve balanced health. I recommend the Terrain Brain Health 3 pack.

Drinking sour supports overall gut health, your key to a strong immune system.

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One-on-one personal mentoring

Are you quietly unhappy and feeling guilty about it? Do you yearn for more? Do you feel invisible? What if you could get to a place where you felt heard, seen, acknowledged, and encouraged?

You can live the life you are longing for. Let me be your guide. I will help you see the YOU you’ve kept hidden—the YOU who wants, needs and deserves to be seen.

Once you see that part of yourself, you’ll want to rush into her arms and say “Where have you been?!”

And she’ll say: I’ve been here. ... Waiting. ... For you.


I am ready to be VISIBLE and HEARD!

Medicinal Mushrooms 

from Alphay Global 

Want to feel better? Younger? Have more energy? Want to wake feeling rested and ready to begin your day? Alphay’s products can help!

Alphay's Medicinal Mushroom formulations are easily recognized by your body as food because they are nutrient dense superfoods. They are also formulated with  the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You may also choose Royal Blend Lingzhi Tea, Rich Black Coffee and Caffe Latte, and our premium, flagship choice: Zhi Cell

I want to feel better & younger!