~ the pure and essential essence of something ~

You’ve had successes and failures; highs and lows. You’ve felt the best you’ve ever felt and the worst you thought you could handle. All have made you who you are; all have added to the nuances and flavors that make you You.


Now you’re ready to elevate on purpose and with purpose.
Now you understand that each and every experience that has made you You, has been a gift.
You’ve walked through the weeds and know your likes, wants and desires.
You no longer wait for someone to give you something; you go out and gift it to yourself.
You no longer wait for external permission to Become a better version of You.
You give yourself the internal permission to Become. Because you realize you are worth it.
Your ideas, your moves, your investments — they’re for you and you seize them.
You stand in and embody your personal power with your head held high.
And you’re ready for your next move.


Innovative private coaching weaving Quintessential Qualities, Nourishment and Sacred Mundanity into your daily experience.

She is YOU 

She is waiting for  permission to express herself more fully to you and through you. When you do, your life and engagement with Her will expand and richness will unfold.

Your Invitation

She lovingly extends an invitation to you. Open the door to Her. Once it is opened, your life will expand beyond your imagination. 

You Are Ready!

Powerful, intimate, life-changing

Expect to feel heard. My undivided attention will be on you.

You will experience a new way of thinking, being, existing.

You will see yourself—and your life—in a different light.

You will feel heard, seen and validated.

You will regain a sense of renewed Hope that you can do this thing called Life.

That magic you might have lost...you'll experience again.

What's included in your 4 month coaching container

Audio drops; zoom calls; time for integration and anchoring.

Digital access to me via Telegram.

Access to my course Nourish Your Way Home ~ a grace led journey to the Divine

Clarity call to begin your Quintessential Journey

Half day VIP Experience at mid point 


The Quintessential Woman


She came to me today in meditation. She came shrouded in mystery and intrigue—a very compelling energy. Can you feel it?

She is Mystery Grace.

She is an aspect of you.

Learn to be Still and Listen.

She would very much like to walk beside you rather than along the sidelines.

You Are Ready!

Meet Marita Rahlenbeck, your Guide and Mentor on the Quintessential Path 

Marita Rahlenbeck, Soul Mentor and Transformational Coach helps women move from good to great.  

She is the author of Living with Grace ~ A Story of Love and Healing, Leaving Paw Prints on the Heart.

She is an advocate of living a holistic, clean lifestyle and loves to teach on these topics, sharing the importance of having a clean Sacred Vessel for maximum connection to the Divine. 

Marita also loves to cultivate an appreciation for the Sacred in everyday experiences — experiences we sometimes take for granted and maybe even complain about — and elevates them to what she calls Sacred Mundanity. This spills over into her work with individuals and groups alike.

Marita is very skilled at holding space to help women seeking to learn more about themselves.

She sees and Knows which words and ideas to use to spark your each new level of learning and knowing.

Meet “Her” ~ a Sacred experience to meet your Quintessential Self allowed me to meet my Quintessential Self who gave me validation to things I have been seeing for myself. This is exciting!

Sometimes when we have something presented to us a certain way, it opens up our access points to our own Inner Knowing. I feel Marita is really good at this and is a good person to work with. I recommend the Meet “Her” experience!


Sarah Bremer